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Our Tourism, Wine and Food Industry

By ranking South Australia fifth in a list of the top ten regions in the world to visit in 2017, Lonely Planet confirmed what locals have known for years – that South Australia is a great place to live, work and play.

Tourism is an economic priority for our State, and will play a key role in transforming our economy for the future. 4,000 new tourism jobs have already emerged between 2013 and 2015, with South Australia easily outperforming all other states and territories in tourism job growth.

As the world’s demand for these premium products that are cleanly, safely and sustainably produced grows, the opportunities for South Australia’s food and beverage industries to expand grows. Because of this, agriculture and food production will also become a major employer in our State.

By making the world aware of our high-quality tourism, food and wine, the South Australian Government will aim to ensure jobs in this sector continue to grow.

Working in the Industry

Our State’s tourism and hospitality industry already employs 47,600 South Australians, which is just under 5.9% of the State’s workforce.

Beyond this, the expansion of our agricultural offering will also see projects like the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme open new areas of employment. This program will deliver large volumes of affordable recycled water to the Northern Adelaide Plains, potentially creating up to 6,000 new jobs and adding more than $1 billion a year to the State’s economy.

As these industries continue to expand and our premium food and wine exports grow, South Australians will find jobs in a range of areas, including chefs, hotel managers, and conference and event managers.

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Training Available

With a range of university courses on offer in the State, as well as vocational education and training courses available through TAFE SA and private providers, South Australians have many opportunities available to develop skills in the tourism, food and wine sector.

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If you’re looking for work, thinking about getting back into work or would like to work more hours, Career Services offer a team of experienced and qualified people who can help you make a decision about the best career path for you.

Your career adviser can show you practical steps to start, advance or change your career to work in one of our State’s many emerging industries. They will provide one-on-one support to help you connect with the learning, training and work opportunities available to you.

To find out more, call the Skills and Employment Infoline on 1800 506 266 , or visit Career Services online.

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