What does the budget mean for South Australian businesses?

For most South Australians, a secure job means a secure way of life. That’s why our State Government is putting South Australian jobs first.

As our State transitions from old industries to new, we’re creating jobs in growing sectors that will support our economy in the years ahead such as defence and shipbuilding, energy and mining, health and research, IT & hi-tech and tourism, food and wine.

We’re also:

  • Cutting Payroll Tax for small business
  • Expanding the successful Job Accelerator Grant to include up to $15,000 for each new apprentice employed
  • Ensuring that at least 90% of workers on all major new infrastructure projects are South Australian

It means more security about our working futures, more opportunities for new job seekers, and more ways to upskill for the jobs of the future – jobs that are starting to open today. The opportunities are already here, and the plan is already in place.

Explore our State’s growing sectors

We’re here to help your business

Support is available for businesses in South Australia to grow, such as grants and assistance programs.

Find out about help available for your business.

Employing an apprentice

The Jobs Accelerator Grant has already created thousands of new jobs in South Australia, and now provides up to $15,000 grants for each apprentice your business employs.

Find out more about apprenticeships.

Helping your business make the transition

As traditional industries in our State transition into new ones, businesses have a unique opportunity to grow with these emerging sectors. Government assistance is available to assist you in connecting with these new industries and expanding your business.

Helping your employees grow with your business

Investing effort to upskill your employees helps them be the best they can be, and helps your business grow to be more innovative and adaptive within industries that will be central to our State’s economy in the future.

Learn more about training opportunities.