The opportunities are here, and the plan is in place

For most South Australians, a secure job means everything. That’s why the State Government is putting South Australian jobs first, modernising our economy to create new jobs in growing sectors that will drive our future for decades to come.

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Growing Jobs Today, Creating Jobs Tomorrow

As our state transitions from old industries to new, our State Government is putting South Australian jobs first.

Moving from traditional to new industries

South Australia is already a base for advanced manufacturing, technology and research. Many of the world’s leading companies have set up here, including those in defence, resources, information and communications technology.

We’re helping South Australia’s traditional industries diversify into these new sectors, driving the growth of new jobs today, and encouraging businesses to step forward and take on these world-leading roles in their industry.

Support is available to assist businesses to make the transition.

Upskilling for future industries, today

Major investments are being put in place to help our workforce make the step from the traditional industries that have driven our economy in the past to the sectors that will support our families in the future.

Programs and initiatives will be introduced to prepare workers for the transition into new jobs in key sectors such as defence, energy, health, high-tech manufacturing and food and wine tourism.

Put your plan in place to start upskilling today.

Government Initiatives and Funding

To encourage the development of key industries and create jobs, the State Government is introducing initiatives such as the Small Business Development Fund and an extension of the successful Job Accelerator Grant, offering up to $15,000 for each new apprentice businesses hire.

By focusing on driving opportunity, innovation and growth, the Government will be growing jobs today, and creating jobs of tomorrow.

Find out more about how the Government is growing jobs today.